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Frequently Asked Questions For School Uniform Labelling

Is it easy to apply the tags?
The dolphin applicator is so simple to use, the children can do the job themselves! Instructions are included in your pack. You can also view demonstration films on the website.

What if I want to take the tags off?
A removal device is available if applying tags with heavy duty applicators. There is an integrated one in the base of the dolphin applicator for the removal of tags.

Can I reuse the tags?
The etched tags are reusable but the retainers (white part) need to be disposed of once used and new ones applied; these can be purchased online or at your local store.

What size will the text be?
This depends on how many letters you use, the more letters used the smaller the font – the smallest text is a similar size to newspaper print.

How many characters can I have?
Up to 22 characters (max 11 on each row). We can etch onto 3 rows if necessary, but only within the total 22 characters limit.

Can I have numbers as well as letters?
Yes, you can mix letters & numbers.

Can I have more than one name in each pack?
We can only etch one name per pack.

What if I have 3 or 4 kids?
You can choose to just have your surname etched onto it. If you have a popular surname then you can use children’s initials or their first names as long as this fits within the 22 character limit.

What other colours of tags are available?
Tags are available in black or white. There can be slight variations in the shade of the text which is a result of the laser etching process.

When can I expect to receive my tags?
Your tags will be dispatched within 1 working day via the selected method.

What can I apply the tags to?
Clothing, bags, soft shoes, trainers, (through laces) lunch bags, rucksacks, towels and bedding and many other soft items. We do not recommend applying to underwear & hosiery. Details of tag positioning are included in the button positioning guide which comes with the applicator. We do not recommend applying Attach-a-Tags to undergarments and hosiery. Mesh Laundry bags are available for this purpose.

What if there is no label on my garment?
Tags can be applied to the inside seam of the garment.

Won’t the tag irritate my child?
The tags are designed to replicate a spare button and do not cause irritation, provided they are applied in accordance to our button positioning guide.

We have an issue with name tags being cut out at my child’s school. Won’t they just be cut out?
The tags can be applied through the seam of the garment. If cut out it would damage the garment making it a less attractive proposition!

Will teachers know where to look for the name?
Nearly all school clothing has a "name label” sewn in behind the laundry label. As this is where parent often write the child’s name teacher always look here when trying to find out who a lost garment belongs to.

What happens if I iron over the tags by mistake?
The tags have been tested for industrial laundry therefore they are suitable for use with irons, tumble dryers, dry cleaning and industrial washing machines.

Can my child pull the tags off?
Attach-a-Tag has a patented attachment device that has been specially designed to lock securely into the retainer very similar to security devices used in retail stores. It is therefore very difficult to remove without the use of the Attach-a-Tag removal tool.

I have other questions about Attach-a-Tag…
Contact our Customer Service Team on 0333 220 6644 or email