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Attach a Tag Reviews

Daily Telegraph
Good Housekeeping "Speedy Gizmo ” Sept 2011
If the new school year means sewing on name tapes at midnight, try this gadget, recommended by GHI’s Trisha Schofield. Attach-a-Tag staples buttons etched with your child’s name to clothes (fix them to the laundry label). Push, twist and you’re done. A uniform starter kit costs £22.20 including 30 reusable buttons, from”

Daily Telegraph
(The Telegraph Magazine) "A new gadget promises to make life even easier” 21 Aug 2010

Chopsy Baby

"Attach-a-Tag will keep children’s uniforms and toys safe without using those pesky labels…There is the potential for a diverse range of uses for the Attach-a-Tag, from naming school uniforms, protecting precious toys or even branding handmade goods. It’s a little more pricey than those pound shop labels, but if it’s ease of use, time saving and problem solving you are looking for, this is an excellent solution.” 30 June, 2010.

Prima Baby

"Little one about to start nursery or pre-school? Forget the hassle of sewing in name-tapes – visit for handy button-sized, personalised tags, which attach to clothes with a one-click applicator…” 1 Sept 2010

Junior Magazine

"…the nifty device is Attach-a-Tag.”1 Sept 2010

Prizes Galore

"…a pioneering solution for tagging kids clothes…the best back to school product this year” 01 June 2010

Families on Line "We love these…easy, convenient and clearly visible. Definitely worth it.” 2 July 2010

Times on Line

The Times Online "…did just what it suggests, easily popping a labelled tag onto items… with no sewing!” 11 Aug 2010

Fathers Quarterly Magazine

Father’s Quarterly Magazine "…[Attach-a-Tag] is a straightforward, cost-effective way of ensuring your child’s clothing is always labelled.” 26 June 2010

Daily Mirror

The Mirror, Recommended by Coleen Nolan’s Try it and buy it column. 01 July 2010

Parenting without Tears "This is a great product, particularly if you have a lot of name tags to apply, for example to school uniforms. I would definitely recommend this product…” 14 June 2010

A Whole New Boggle "I’ve tried sew-on (ages), iron-on (fall-off) and laundry pens (long job), so when I was asked to try Attach-a-Tags I was happy to give them a go. They are wonderful! Little buttons with your child’s name laser printed on them – that you attached to a label or seam just like a shop security tag. They take seconds to attach, can be removed and re-fixed.” 9 July 2010

Families online- Vale of York

"My son was off on an overnight Beaver Scout trip and needed his spare clothing labelled so this was the perfect opportunity to give the [Attach-a-Tag] gadget a go... In no time at all I’d sussed not only how easy it is but that I could offload the whole job onto my 7 year old. He was so keen and it was so easy to label his clothes that I didn’t even have to supervise... I was anxious to know whether the button would cause any discomfort but I was assured by my son that he couldn’t feel them at all. What’s great about the system is that I can re-use the button (I’ll just need new retainers which can be bought separately)… so as he outgrows his school uniform, we can remove the buttons and use them in his new clothes.”

Families – Vale of York July/Aug 2010

Families online

"Attach a Tag to the Rescue... If the thought of sewing on name labels fills you with dread then Attach a Tag is for you. Once you’ve mastered the instructions, you’ll have the school uniform labelled in a jiff and wonder why you hadn’t ordered them before.”

Families London-Kent Borders, April 2011, Issue 129

Families online - Upon Thames

"I shudder to think how many items I have needed to label with my children’s names over the years…I’ll admit, I decided life was too short...So thank you lovely people from Attach a Tag who sent me some samples of their tags for time-short parents. A button with your child’s name is simply tagged into any soft section of the item of clothing/gym bag/hat/treasured possession. It does not come off in the wash, is reusable and my most forgetful daughter thinks it’s actually really cool. The process of simply attaching the button with a special "dolphin” applicator was such fun I found myself rummaging through her socks drawer finding more stuff to tag!

” Families upon Thames May/June 2011, Issue 76

Families Online - London South East

"Lemon Squeezy Labelling ...Attach-a-Tag labelling is a simple four-step way to name clothing without sewing or ironing. About the size of an average shirt button, the named tags snap onto clothing care labels or seams with a simple applicator. They survive daily life, washing machines and dry cleaning, staying on until no longer needed, when they can be removed and reused. Simple, and very useful for all soft items – clothing, bags, pencil cases etc.”

Families South East London, May/June 2011, Issue 130

Families Online - Leeds

"I once sent my daughter to school with a name label glued into her cardigan. I’ve also used biro and felt tips to fashion an impromptu name tag on everything from leotards to lion outfits… Bin your biro and get rid of the glue because Families Leeds has stumbled on a gadget to save time and money. We agreed to test the Attach-a-Tag system…There’s no doubt, the system saves you time and stress if you aren’t a "make do and mend” type of mum. The tags are also reusable and the system doesn’t destroy the clothing when you remove them. But it’s the news that the Attach-a-Tag system is easy enough for a child to use that’s made my day. That pile of summer uniform lurking in the corner of the cupboard no longer looks quite so intimidating!”

Families Leeds, May/June 2011, Issue 16

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